It’s been a week

This time last Monday I was waking up from anaesthesia with a big bandage around my arm. I still have the big bandage around my arm and I’m still unable to use my right arm effectively for pretty well anything.
It’s still annoying.
And I’m still bored.
But I am binge watching The Americans and I am enjoying it! It’s right up my alley. 🙂
Nothing much else is happening here.

Hopefully there will be good news when I go back to the hospital tomorrow. (It’s Tuesday now) till can’t rotate my wrist but I managed to get mascara on!! This pleases me no end. I kinda thought I’d be able to use a round brush and hair dryer today. No, I cannot.
Guess that will be a bit longer.

I did get the washing done. Freda hung it out before she left for the gym and errands. Doris is at school. I am alone with Dallas, Patrick, and Diesel. Diesel is on high alert because he’s clearly in charge.

I would like to vacuum and do dishes. (How sad is that?) Dishes I can’t do, but, vacuuming … I can vacuum left-handed but I can’t empty the vacuum cleaner! That’s annoying.
I would also like to change my bed. Have a feeling that might be mission impossible though but I’m going to try.

This coming weekend is Mother’s Day. I don’t imagine it will be a thing in our house. I don’t need to buy cards or anything and I don’t imagine any of my kids will bother.

I have some books I need to order for Aug 4th. I think I’ll just order them all in early July if I can handle waiting that long to see the new covers! Apart from the first 3 Ronnie Tracey books I need to get [WTF] and some copies of ‘Written in Leaves’ in time for the launch party! 🙂 🙂

I’ve got a new bookmark design ready to go too. So, I’ll get that sorted closer to the event.

Tomorrow (May 10th) is when we draw the winner of the [WTF] proof and some pretty cool merch. If you’re in NZ and want to enter then pop to my FaceBook page and check out the pinned post. You have until tomorrow lunch time.

Dallas loves bubbles.


3 thoughts on “It’s been a week

  1. It must be so frustrating not to be able to do simple things like wash the bed sheets or use a round brush. Hopefully you’ll get good news tomorrow, and a little more mobility! Step by step….

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