Almost Mother’s Day.

Just real quick – Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday (14th) you have two days to get something nice for your mum. Books make great gifts – you can gift eBooks. I think you’re out of time to get paperbacks of any of mine that’s what happens when you leave mum until the last minute!

Anywho, wrist up date time.
Bandages off, stitches out, I can use a pen and type. I can hold a cup if I use both hands (two hands for beginners). Everything else is a waiting game.
I discovered that using a pen is good unless I rest my arm on the ulna side of my wrist – then it is very bad. Won’t be doing that again. Most of the bruising is on the ulna side of my wrist so it makes sense it wouldn’t like anything touching that part. The back of my hand is one big bruise. Lovely.
Now we hope that cleaning up the cartilage has helped and that the pain will go as it heals.

Had the fun of wrapping gifts for the winners of the [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] giveaway yesterday. This morning I will go pick up some post bags. I’ll be addressing them at home and then taking them back to the post office. It’s easier for me and I could do with a couple of walks!

Just put my lovely sparkly ring back on and it fits quite well because my hand is still a bit swollen – it’s a cold day and it would normally spin on my finger on a cold day.

My oldest daughter sent a wonderful Mother’s Day gift yesterday. It was fun opening it. Luckily the girls were home to help (and carry the big box inside!). Such fun! Inside was gorgeously soft white bathrobe, a bottle of bubbly, Whittakers choccie, hand and body lotion, other chocolates and shortbread!
And the best card! I laughed. 🙂 One of those ‘you had to be there things’.


One thought on “Almost Mother’s Day.

  1. You did get a lovely gift, Cat! And that card is fabulous. I have this great mental picture of what happened, but that’s another thing. Anyway…. have a fabulous Mother’s Day, and I’m glad your wrist is feeling better!

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