November: The Big Thrill


Exciting news. There is an interview with me about Cryptobyte in the Nov issue of The Big Thrill! [Click on the word Cryptobyte above to read the interview.]

In other news … the launch is less than a week away, and it’s very exciting.

Of course, since returning home from Perth I’ve broken two fingernails – I knew it would happen as they reached a ridiculous length while I was away. Had hoped they’d make it until the launch but nope. Such is life.

The banners I had made for the launch arrived and were not at all like the images I approved on the BannerBuzz website. Disappointing. Won’t be using them again. Especially as I used THEIR software online to create the banners – you’d think they’d print their own backgrounds like the bloody proof! They did not. At all. Not even close. At least my graphics turned out well … just their bit that’s a big fat fail. Live and learn.

The bookmarks I had printed in Christchurch at Print Monday, and they are nobtastically gorgeous, so that’s good.

Sitting on my bedroom floor are a lot of books! The entire series including Snakebyte and Whispers in the Water. All ready for launch day. Turns out I only have five copies of Metabyte left (in total) so once these are close to gone I’ll order more, and they’ll have the new cover etc. Exciting stuff. Metabyte has had no back cover blurb or proper back cover for too long!



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