Ten things about this week …

  1. It’s my birthday on Dec 12. I will be spending it alone because everyone is always busy in December and because My Knight isn’t here this year. AND I HATE IT. So there’s that. 😦
  2. It’s also Ellie’s birthday on Dec 12. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, I did that on purpose so I didn’t have another date to remember (maybe, or maybe that actually is her birthday) … I’m quite a bit older than her. She is a couple of years older than my oldest son (his birthday is also in December).
  3. I’ve pulled off another Christmas miracle and wrangled Christmas from thin fucking air, as usual. (And I spent my birthday money from Superman to get the family present.)
  4. I’m trying to get Vaporbyte finished by the end of the year – it’s not looking good but it’s looking better than it did on Monday.
  5. I bought a book written by a Twitter pal. I fell asleep reading it last night. It’s a freaking excellent collection of short dark stories. The Silver Path by Caitlin Spice is worth your time, especially if you like fairytales. Caitlin – it’s your fault I had crazy dreams. 🙂
  6. On Monday (it was only yesterday but it feels like a lifetime ago) I chatted with my friend, Pete Turner, and we recorded another episode of the Break it Down Show. It’ll air in January and we really get into Cryptobyte and my lack of sanity. 🙂
  7. Thursday is the last writing group for the year. We’ll pick it back up again in six weeks. I’m going to miss my talented ladies over the break.
  8. I’ve really embraced flannel shirts since being in Perth (Sept/Octo) and wish I had more than one here. Yep, that was kinda random, but that’s what you get from me.
  9. I was wrong about the ten things.
  10. Think you’ll find it’s eight. (I optimistically thought there were ten things worth sharing this week!)
Volume Two
This is one of my all time favorite songs.

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