Friday the 13th

A massive thank you to all the wonderful people who remembered my birthday yesterday (and today for those in the other half of the world). Facebook and Linkedin do a great job of reminding us all! haha

Last night was the last full moon of the decade. We did a bit of witchy stuff. Cleansed crystals, read tarot. Just the usual. Taught the youngest to call the corners. She’s developed her own style there. 🙂

Yesterday morning was the last writing group for the year (decade) – my lovely ladies gave me the best card ever and tequila. Seriously, wonderful (talented) people.

Last night Hans fell off Nakatomi Tower so it’s now officially Christmas season. You’re welcome.

This morning with zero filter. This is what it looks like when Ellie is in my ear saying “You went off script. We’ve talked about this before. Now fix it. Because that is not how it happened …”

Moral of the story – follow the script. 🙂


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