And it all changed …

Welcome to the weekend. I knew this was going to be a writing weekend – because yesterday morning as I read the last chapter I wrote (a few days ago), I could hear Ellie. I heard the exasperation. I’d gone off script. She was not happy.

It happens sometimes and I always fix it because, that’s not how it happened. Sigh.

So, when I thought I knew where this story was going because I know where it has to go so Ellie can find the information she needs, I was both right and wrong. What??

I know. Crazy. (Like hearing her voice in my head isn’t? Or seeing the video play over and over …)

Writing this weekend then. I really wanted this book finished by the New Year. Kinda want to end the decade knowing this is done. Or at least done enough that I can send it to beta readers and get the next part rolling and then, MOVE ON.

I am so excited to start the next phase of my writing career but I know have to close this chapter first.


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