Friday Dec 20

Friday was a surprising day – first I managed to write 3000 words while manning the bookshop despite constant interruptions and they were not of the sale variety – good effort there.
Then, Charlie messaged me about lunch. Marvelous! So it was out to lunch with Pip, Charlie, and Mrs Harris (somethings just stick). Jolly fun time with a lot of hilarious stories and laughter. I could feel my accent wandering so I’ll have to try harder to keep that in check … the curse of the easily influenced and my ridiculous ability to mimic accents. Sigh.
Could be worse though, it could’ve been a repeat of New York. And the lift conversation after attending a book launch at the Mysterious Bookshop and spending ages talking with Honor Molloy and drinking red wine.
Random hotel stranger, “Irish?”
Megan shaking her head. “No, pissed.”
Proving once again that you can take me anywhere …

So, writing … the story took an unexpected DARK turn with the appearance of a biker named Crockett in Te Papa. (It’s our National Museum.) I really had no idea just how much Crockett knew and how much fun he’d be to write. Definitely a keeper character. Vaporbyte is coming a long nicely. I may get a first draft knocked out before the decade closes but if not it won’t be long into the New Year before it is a complete piece of work. I hope.
I have plans so the sooner this is a completed draft the better!

So, go make an author happy and buy some books!


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