The new Bon Jovi album was released this week, it’s called 2020. I’m loving it.
Now we all know that Bon Jovi is writing music for me, right? We also know I’m working on two different WIP’s right now in different genres.
Well, surprise, make that three and I’m blaming the new album for increasing my work load. 🙂
Today’s a bit shit work wise, I have Friday’s and Monday’s as writing days. Which means I am home … and they’re pile driving next door. PILE. DRIVING. AGAIN. Over this shit, I can tell you.
Today it’s giving me a headache and I feel sick, so, I guess it’s more than a headache now, we’re slipping into migraine territory.
The cat and the birds are freaked out, because this pile driving bs is happening right by our boundary fence. AGAIN.
Even the guinea pigs are a tad stressed, and it takes a lot to get any kind of stress reaction from those chill little dudes. Well done, Friday Homes.

Very much wanted to spend the day working on all the projects, a few hours here and there, because that’s fun for me.

Also, the Vaporbyte paperbacks are now in store. I left a bunch signed before I went home yesterday. Exciting stuff. 🙂


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