October is disappearing

I dunno how time seems to be moving so fast … maybe the universe has had enough of 2020 as well. Seems like I blinked and 11 days went by. We are speeding toward the end of October. If that means we’re closer to My Knight being able to come home, then yay! But if we’re heading for another year like this one, well, it can get in the fucking sea.

Part of me must’ve worked out that time speeding up thing, because yesterday I made two Christmas cakes. They’ll be chopped in half, iced, and given as gifts this year. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of my fruitcakes (soused with either golden rum or whisky for at least six weeks before the icing and eating) then you know the effort involved and the delicious result. My Nana was an expert fruitcake maker and it’s her recipe that I use. Because I have a book launch cake still in the cupboard (remember 2020 – no physical launch, blah blah) that means I can gift 5 Christmas cakes (I’m keeping one).
Might’ve also stock piled wine for gifting. My wine stock pile is starting to rival my canned tomatoes. Hope you all like wine and fruitcake. 🙂

In writing news: Lure the Lie is coming on smashingly. Equal parts computer and handwritten in a notebook, I think that’s a good sign. Means I can hear the new characters with more clarity. Quite enjoying the process and the way the story is evolving. It’s definitely changed from how I first saw it. Fun times ahead.

Life in the Leaves is sitting quietly. It’s the easiest story to tell, to be honest, but the other one has taken over. I think I should let it.

Now, a question for you …
Which will you choose?
Red Or Purple:


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