Google Play

Check it out guys, I’m finally on Google Play. Such fun!
I did, a while back, have the first 3 of the Byte Series on Google Play – they invited me to do so. Very kind of them it was too, except, back then the interface was rubbish and the whole experience painful. So, I gave up.
This time, easy peasy totally breezy. Took an hour to load all 12 books. Yep, easy.
The biggest joy was Google allowed me to price in NZD. No platform has let me do that before. It’s joyful.
Of course, I then had to convert that so I could adjust the pricing on the other platforms – because Amazon can be a bit of a tosser. (Okay, a lot of a tosser. No love lost there.)
FYI: KILLERBYTE is free on Google Play for the next week and TERRORBYTE is super duper cheap for the next week. You’re welcome!

That was it, my news for the day. It’s enough though, right?
Now to get back to work … I just worked out who Crockett is and why he’s involved in Ronnie’s mission and it won’t end well for someone.
Cryptic writer mumblings. 🙂


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