This Ain’t a Love Song

I’ve noticed the amping up of Valentine’s related emails. I see them. I delete them. Fuck right off with your made up bullshit. If you only show your person how you feel once a year, you don’t deserve a person.
The end.

On a nicer note … [Nothing happens here] received it’s first review, a 5-star jobby at that. As a very fucking insecure author (truth: we pretty much all are, it’s a creative thing) it pleased me greatly. I’m happy that the kiwi humour came through as intended. I never can tell if what us makes us Kiwi comes through in the written word. We do tend to have a very Kiwi way of looking at the world.
Plus I got to use dowsing in that story and that’s something I know a bit about. I can and do dowse – not for water. I have dowsing rods somewhere but don’t use them. I use a pendulum. I’ve used dowsing for a very long time. I know that scrying/dowsing have kinda become interchangeable terms but they are different. Scrying is when you’re looking into something to find answers: water or any liquid or a crystal ball. Dowsing is when you use a crystal or piece of jewellery suspended from a chain or string (or rods made of willow or brass or whatever).
I used to wear a quartz point and use that as my pendulum. I’ve also used my Nana’s wedding rings. These days I have an amethyst pendulum and that’s what I dowse with. No one is allowed to touch it but me. How does it work? It just does. Not everything can be explained.
It was pretty enjoyable working dowsing into both [Nothing happens here] and [Lure the Lie].

Was a pretty good weekend (if you don’t count the self-doubt and whatnot). I had my 6-year-old granddaughter stay over. X is pretty darn hilarious. Her best-friend-who-solves-mysteries-with-her Auntie Breezy was in demand. Also had fab friends over for dinner on Saturday night. Sunday was a day of video calls with family. Such is life when everyone is scattered!

It’s easy to forget there is a pandemic happening in the world. NZ is pretty much business as usual. Making plans for events and whatnot. The only reminders are the COVID tracer app we use to sign in wherever we go, masks on planes, and the closed borders.

On that note, I’m off to print more notes for the course I’m teaching … getting closer! So excited for this. You have no idea! 🙂

Take it easy.


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