And We Danced

Things are coming together for the April 9th event. Of course, now, the country has gone back to Level 2 and Auckland is Level 3 … and that throws things a bit. Makes me wonder if we’ll get to the event at all. We tried last year and couldn’t make it happen. Fingers crossed!
I haven’t made the cake yet. Was supposed to do that over the weekend. As it turned out, last weekend was not the weekend to make a fruitcake. I was out with friends on Saturday for a catch up. We said goodbye to Bucky Barnes (one of our two guinea pigs) on Sunday. After Bucky crossed the rainbow bridge there were things we needed to do. Kid6 dug his grave, Bucky’s brother, Timmy, was in attendance. Then we rearranged furniture and cages. Timmy is now back in the lounge, so he doesn’t get lonely without his brother. Big Bird is keeping him entertained.
Yesterday I walked up town and got a bag of hay. Timmy hasn’t had hay in nearly two years because Bucky was allergic to hay. Timmy was so happy he was doing the guinea pig hop. 🙂 Big bird quite likes hay too. Patrick just likes to know what everyone is doing.
So, now you’ve caught up on the animals.
While I was in town, I got some notes printed for the course I’m teaching (starting Saturday morning!!!). Got home, went to organise the notes and discovered they missed a file. Not really a biggie. I can print it here, as long as I remember! It’s the one I need for Writing Group tomorrow. Of course it is!
Finding it hard to be enthusiastic today. It’s fucking raining and I HATE walking in the rain. 100% HATE having wet jeans. My feet will at least be dry because I have waterproof hiking shoes. Not taking my Mac because it’s raining that much it’s not worth the risk.
So, today, I’ll be quietly reading.
And wondering why this one book is so fucking determined to cling to editing errors, despite it being edited by several people and read many many times. Doesn’t seem to matter how much gets changed, I actually think it reverts back. Maybe there’s a fucking ghost in the file? I do know the file is particularly hard to work with, in that, it does weird things and refuses all attempts to strip the weirdness from it.
I might just have to let that fucker go. No sense beating myself up over it, when it has always been a pain in the arse, and no attempt to fix it makes a blind bit of difference. Still it’s annoying as buggery.

Photo: Timmy and Big Bird (Big Bird was stealing hay from Timmy’s mouth!)


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