What do I know?

Quite a bit, as it happens. I actually do know things. (I drink and I know things … I drink and I write things is probably more accurate.)
I know …
… how valuable time our time is.
… each day comes around only once, so hug your people, and be kind!
… being grateful makes me a nicer person.
… I can walk away or stand and fight.
… I’m not too bad a crime writer and a half-way decent poet (thanks Dad).
… I have great love in my life.
… helping people makes me happy.
… my choices are my choices.
… kiwi authors are fucking amazing.
… I live in a wonderful country.
I know if you keep pushing I will stab you and bury your body somewhere no one will find you. That one just slipped in there between your ribs. Oops.
Knowing I can and doing that are very different things.
Would I kill someone?
Not unless all other options were gone. I’m not going to lie, if there was no other option and my life or the lives of my kids were on the line … you’re dead as a dodo, mate.
I can live with my choices. I own them.
What I do, when someone pushes all my buttons, is kill them on paper. Oh, yeah. Many a person has died at my finger tips. Some people have died multiple times. Once is never enough.
Bit stressed?
Kill someone (not an actual person, doofus, unless you want to spend 25 to life in a concrete cell).
Create a character out of the main offender and kill that bugger off. However you want, as many times as you want. Slowly, quickly, unexpectedly, from a distance, up close, whatever. No one has to know.
Of course you could write them into a short story or a novel. That’s always fun. Trust me. It’s fun.
Cathartic as all buggery. Get in there and write everyone who pisses you off dead.
Then, be like Elsa and let it go. πŸ™‚
Most recently a courier pissed me off, so much, he really pushed my buttons. Clearly couldn’t be stuffed doing his job properly. (Not you my lovely Courier Post pal, not you, we really like you and appreciate your work ethic. Say hi to your mum for me!)
This particular horrid courier had to die. And once I killed him, I felt so much better. He choked to death on cherry pits. It was glorious. Instant release of tension surrounding the whole mess. I can’t recommend it enough. You’ll see what I did to that guy when [Lure the Lie] comes out in May.

Have fun trying to work out which of the deaths in the Byte Series were people who really pissed me off. πŸ™‚
Quite a few bodies in killerbyte (had some stuff to work out).


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