Ever had one of those days …

… when everything just pisses you off?
… when no matter how loud your music is you still want to stab someone?
Yeah, that.
Currently listening to the Psychobyte playlist via noise cancelling headphones so I can’t hear ANYTHING else. Someone could be shot in the living room and I would hear nothing. Man, it’s good!
I know this is temporary. It’s a blip. It’s a moment. But right now, it’s a moment that could get someone hurt. It’s a been a long time since I’ve had proper down time and without it I get a bit stabby.
More characters die than normal.
I’m short tempered.
Have zero tolerance.
I’m trying to keep out of everyone’s way for their own good. But, they keep asking me things or wanting something. THEN they have the cheek to be pissed off because they don’t like my tone.
Seriously, get out of my space! Off you fuck!
You’d think that it’d be a clue if I’m in my room with the door pushed closed?
Clearly my teenagers/young adults have no sense of self preservation.
I know that given long enough, the music will work, and all will be well again. Billy Idol is trying bloody hard at the minute.

Meanwhile, I should finish the final byte short so I can get the fourth boxed set finished … there’s a few deaths coming up in that short so that’ll be fun. 🙂
I also have to get this launch cake sorted for the final event.
That means going to the bottle shop and then chopping up about 3kg of various dried fruits. Chopping things could be quite cathartic.

Psychobyte excerpt:
“Remember me, Conway?” he drawled, the smirk grew into a sinister smile.
Everything fell into place. My right hand closed into a fist and I punched him so hard his head snapped back.
Bet he didn’t expect that.
Pain shot up my hand into my arm. I shook my hand. Sharp stabbing pain zapped from my knuckles into my wrist and up my arm. Worth it.
Kurt grabbed my right arm before I could strike again. My left fist connected with the other side of the idiot’s face. His smile disappeared. He spat blood and a bit of tooth onto the floor.
“Yeah, I know you, asshole,” I said as Kurt pulled me away and a marine stepped in front of me.
“Conway?” Kurt said, pushing me against a wall as NCIS marched the bleeding man away.”


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