Meet Virginia

There was a blog post forming when I woke up … but then it slipped away. Probably a good thing.
Anyway, next weekend my class is all about POV, characters, and dialogue. Hence the title of this blog. It’s a Train song that describes a woman, called Virginia. We learn a lot about her from the song.
You could take that description and put her in a story.
You could do the same with a number of characters created in songs … She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes, Angie Baby by Helen Reddy, Jolene by Dolly Parton, Tom Petty’s Mary-Jane’s Last Dance, Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne, The Ballard of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faithful, and I bet you could name another five songs with characters that are so well created you can see them.

How was your weekend?

Mine was excellent and that continued into Monday. Not only was it my first class up at Wellington High but it was a weekend of catching up with old friends. It was, in one instance, a comment on another friend’s post that led me to reconnecting with one mate from back in the day. We used to hang out together as young teens. Our mum’s were friends and we were taken along to some very boring meetings and whatnot, they often involved the deputy principle from our college. So, we’d make ourselves scarce. (That’s code for sneak out for a ciggie.) Neither of us has changed that much, one of us still smokes … and it isn’t me! Delighted to report our weird senses of humour are intact.
Then, because I’d been thinking about someone for a while, I jumped onto LinkedIn and found my brother’s best mate from boarding school. We started the catching up process. He’s currently on a ship somewhere near Oman. Now I need to talk to Superman and send him some photos because I know he’ll be interested in where Michael is and what he’s doing.
Technology is good for somethings.
It is really good at bringing the world closer. 🙂

The COVID vaccination process has started here and in Australia. Geoff and I are mostly resigned to the fact that international air travel won’t resume without vaccinations, and nor should it. With every step we are closer to a NZ/WA bubble. Brings hope back into the equation, just a little.

I’m up at the bookshop today. Hoping to make more progress in [Lure the Lie]. Made a fair bit yesterday.
Tomorrow is writing group. I’ve moved it forward an hour because I need to be back in Trentham to give a talk by 1:30. That’ll be fun. I don’t actually get nervous these days when I’m speaking to crowds. Maybe it’s finally sunk in that I actually know what I’m talking about? 🙂

Feels like a Databyte kinda day!

“Something whooshed through the living room window, leaving a small hole and cracks spider-webbing across the night shrouded glass. I hit the floor, pulling Rowan down with me.
“Stay down,” I whispered, covering his head with my arms.
Another pop. Another hole appeared. Another pop and the window pane gave way. Glass rained down.
Twinkling shards of moonlit glass littered the room. Something whizzed past my head. A thought hauled into my consciousness: I could stand up and hope they got a clean shot. Another thought shoved that one out of the way. Rowan didn’t deserve to die. I was plenty mad at him but not mad enough to get him killed. That day may come but it wasn’t here yet.
I grabbed Rowan by his jacket lapel and pulled. “Come on, we gotta get to the hallway.”

Excerpt From: Cat Connor. “Databyte.” Apple Books.


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