Scream giveaway: Ends TONIGHT!

Looking for your next great escape? Thrillers, mysteries, suspense, horror, true crime, action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and romance — all with one common thread: these books will make you scream for more.
This FREE app features novels tailored with drama, conflict, suspense, and the fear-inducing action that will keep you gripping your phone and on the edge of your seat.

Get addicted to your next great read.
Look for the Scream app in the app store – but not yet – read on!

And yes, the blog title said “Giveaway” so, here goes:

I have coins to use on the Scream app to give to four people. 50 coins for each winner. (Pretty cool, right?)

To be in the draw to win all you need to do is email me via my contact form with the words “Scream giveaway” as the subject, and tell me your user ID from the Scream App.
Here’s the link to the form: Contact
Yes, it’s seriously that simple. Download the app from your fav app store, send me an email containing your user ID, and we will choose four winners on the 5th of June.
Scream will deposit the coins into the winning accounts. (That’s why we need your Scream ID.)

You can use the coins to read any books (there are so many).

FYI – hurry along, this ends tonight. I’ll be drawing winners at 9PM. It is Saturday the 5th – Remember I’m in New Zealand, so, NZ time and date applies to everything I do. 🙂


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