It’s My Life

Today is launch day for [Lure the lie] … if you’ve been hiding in the dark and haven’t heard about this book, stick around. 🙂
[Lure the lie] is the second kiwi set spy/PI book in what might be a set of three … well, I’m writing the third now so definitely three, so far. 🙂
“We should’ve,” Crockett said. I looked at him, he flashed me a smile and fixed his gaze on the road beyond the windshield. “Thing is Ronnie … no one mentioned that drive to me.”
“Didn’t tell me about it either. As far as I’m concerned, she’s a missing cryptographer and that’s it, just missing.” I paused. “And yet, we know she isn’t just a missing cryptographer. Don’t we?”
“Yes. This has turned brown and smelly.” He swallowed hard. “Let’s sit on the drive until we find her.”
Fine by me. If we didn’t know about it, then no one is going to ask if we found it. A small smile tweaked the corners of my mouth. 
Felt a lot like old times. 
Adrenaline, lies, half-truths, and spies. 
“We need to put it somewhere safe and inaccessible.” We needed to stick it in a post bag and pop it into a post box; it had to be somewhere no one could get it no matter what. Even if they got the location out of one of us, they couldn’t get the drive. That thought bounced around my mind. Who were they? …

There is a page for this fab book on my website: [Lure the lie]
[Lure the lie] is available worldwide as eBooks and paperback.
And, you can get the paperback from Writers Plot Bookshop but you’ll have to wait until Tuesday for that. I slept in and I’m not going up today to put them on the shelf or sign them. 🙂
We celebrated last night.
It’s important to celebrate a new book heading into the wild world.


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