Bring me some water.

It’s Friday.
[Lure the lie] launches tomorrow. Worldwide.
More importantly, the paperbacks launch here tomorrow.
About that … there were a few hiccups in Auckland and the books left the printer yesterday on Aramex. FFS. I can track them and they’re nearly in Wellington … but it’s Aramex and they give zero fucks about hitting their scheduled delivery times or even in doing their job, at all. Tracking means nothing.
So, will they do their one job today and deliver the books to Writers Plot Bookshop?
Or do I need to ring them and tell them to hold the box and we’ll pick it up from wherever the fuck they are?
We all know that the last thing they couldn’t deliver only came from Lower Hutt – twenty minutes away – and sat in the fucking courier van for a WEEK. And they wonder why I don’t trust them? Every day for a week the tracking on that box said they would be ‘delivered today’. Lies. All lies.

Updated: Six hours in Upper Hutt with the courier and the box was delivered! We have paperbacks. Hooray. Thank you for doing your job this time Aramex. šŸ™‚ #MiraclesDoHappen

So anyway, [Lure the lie] launches tomorrow … everywhere. You can get your digital copy from all over. (Paperbacks are available, for those living overseas, via Amazon and whatnot. The Amazon print cover is slightly different to the NZ cover.)

Meanwhile, My Knight and I are having a fabulous time together. We’ll be at the bookshop this morning, giving Kid6 a break.
Late next week we are off down south to catch up with family. Road trip! But first a ferry trip. Such fun. šŸ™‚

Petone beach
Jimmy and Patrick: Patrick has to always sniff and lick Jimmy while he’s eating.


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