The struggle is real …

Sometimes the struggle to carve out writing time is painfully difficult. Kinda where I am at the moment. I know I need to finish [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] and I really like the story, it’s great fun to write. I just can’t seem to force my backside into a chair and get it done. It’s so frustrating.
A lot of it is external stuff going on that makes it tricky for my brain to take over the story and throw me back into it.
Yes, look at me making excuses when I know better.
I know to just sit with the story and write.
I know that it will all come together if I do that.
I started this post yesterday and true to form, things happened and that sidelined everything. Typical.
There was a bit of writing yesterday, I opted to write for an hour rather than take Freda to the hospital in the morning to get her finger x-rayed.
Yes, I know, but FFS it’s one thing after another in our house this year, and I need to do what I need to do to stay sane.
Anywho, Wonderful Amy met us in ED. Finger sorted. It’s not broken, it’s sprained and bruised, so hooray. I know sprains hurt like a right bastard but Freda will be fine and it’ll heal faster than a break.

So, back to it. I did a bit of writing. I also started organising Donald’s chapters and left Nana in a precarious position. Now, a dilemma surfaced and it’s a biggie. The Not-Neighbour, Bog-Mouth, (don’t panic they haven’t come back) features in this story, the thing is I cannot bring myself to use the language she uses at her small child and everyone else. I need to convey her horrendous word choices without using those words. Nana will be suitably outraged but I doubt she’d be shocked, I feel Nana would take her to task immediately for her language and remind her that small children should never be spoken to like that. Nana being Nana, she’d probably call the wee child over to her and try to remove her from the situation. (DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON.)
I am aware that writing is not censored and that I could use her speech word-for-word, BUT, I don’t want to. She says things I would never say, and that might surprise you. I can turn into a sailor at any given point, but, there is a line I don’t cross. Everyone who knows me knows what that line is.
I’ll figure out how to say certain words without saying them, might take some experimenting. My lovely editor will be very very relieved if I don’t use Bog-Mouth’s favourite words.

In other news: My Knight will be home for our birthdays in December. Most exciting.
Today I am starting the cakes. The fruit needs to soak for 24 hours. So, once I’ve finished my coffee I’ll be getting that organised. After that, I have 24 hours to decide on the tin shape and size. Can’t quite settle that in my mind at the moment.

Images below: two companion texts for my Crime Writing Course. It’s a good idea to register now!
My first carrot cake – 100% delicious! Jimmy the Thug decided to eat inside! Diesel the Mastador being glorious. And Patrick being the little weirdo that he is.


4 thoughts on “The struggle is real …

  1. Poor Nana! I know you’ll sort it out for her, Cat, but still… Oh, well, she’s no shrinking violet or simpering idiot. And now I’m wondering how Donald fits in. At any rate, I wish you well making progress with [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot]. For what it’s worth, I know all about making time to write. Sometimes life get in the way of…life. At least it does for me. Glad to hear Freda’ll be OK. As you say, sprains hurt like….anything, but they do heal.

    • Donald is having a wonderful time with the Cronies of Doom but he’s going to be in hot water when Ronnie finds out about what Nana is doing! Ronnie was against the Cronies of Doom spending the weekend at her and Donalds house because she doesn’t trust Nana to keep out of trouble!
      Life getting in the way just life. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad her finger isn’t broken too.

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