Welcome to my world

Won’t you come on in. Hmm. I was typing and half the screen slid sideways. I suspect my website is having a moment! Definitely seems that way. Oh well, never mind, how sad.
Today was all about the alphabet until I got tired of it. If you’ve ever put books, already on a shelf, in alphabetical order then you probably feel my pain. It’s tiresome but necessary.

Once I grew tired of the alphabet song I decided to finish off the 2nd companion text that goes with my Crime Writing Course.
That actually was fun.
So that’s now formatted and loaded to Amazon. I want to be able to order author copies when I order more “Don’t kill the chicken!” copies in readiness for the next block course starting in late October.
Pays to get organised ahead of time.

That was the biggest part of the day gone!
Been a quiet day in the bookshop today. Probably because the weather has again turned to custard. And someone forgot her brolly. So, guess I’ll be getting a bit wetter than I’d hoped. At least I have my waterproof hiking shoes and my waterproof jacket. All is not lost (or wet). I also popped a plastic bag in my backpack just in case.
Justin Case is quite the forward thinker. Shame he didn’t mention taking a brolly.

That’s about all really.
If you feel so inclined pop over and shout me a coffee … here’s the link: Buy me a coffee?

Feels like it’ll be a roast chicken kind of evening. The cold rain has set in and there’s nothing quite as good on a cold wet (1st day of spring) day as a roast.
Thankfully chicken is still reasonably priced! Definitely gone up though but not as much as bread has! The bread we get was $3 a loaf two months ago, then suddenly $3.30, and now $3.80. WTF? How is that a reasonable increase?
Anywho, I’m off, almost time to splash in puddles on my way home.

Stay Frosty.


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