Writing, Writing, get on with it.

The last few months (okay, the whole year … the last three years) have been annoying writing-wise. It’s harder and harder to scratch out the headspace required to get a decent chunk of writing on the screen. Headspace? Yep. That’s where the story is held, in my brain with random notes in a notebook. If I don’t have the headspace for the story it can’t grow and worse, I lose track of what everyone is doing and where they’re going.
I’m nearly at 52k with a clear idea of where this is going for the next chapter. By the end of the next chapter I’ll know what comes next, and so on. Fingers crossed!
It’s a step-by-step process for me usually.
About a chapter ago, I thought I knew who was pulling the strings on this one, but then I met her and I was wrong. Funtimes. 🙂
No idea who it is now, so I’m quite excited to see how much the woman I met really knows.

In other news, It’s Crime Time, so if you’ve always wanted to take an in-person class in crime writing – then hop to it. Introduction to Crime Writing is taught at Wellington High School via CEC. I am your fun tutor and I come bearing gifts. 🙂

Currently, the wonderful Margot Kinberg and I are working on a rather exciting project to do with crime. More to come at a later date.

We have my writing group back in the shop today. That’ll be fun. Have they done their homework? Who knows? I was going to and got sidetracked by a zillion things. I may find time to whip something descriptive up this morning though. 🙂

It’s sunny. I am looking forward to enjoying the sun on the walk to the bookshop.
As always, this writer is fueled by coffee and sales don’t support such a habit.
Buy me a coffee?

Take care out there!


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