There’s not enough coffee …

Day Light Savings ended. I’m glad it’s finished. Now there is a 4-hour time difference between here and Perth instead of the 5 hours we had all summer. It doesn’t matter when My Knight is here but it makes quite a difference when he’s in Perth.

I just made a second pot of coffee. It’s almost unheard of when I’m here by myself. Usually, I drink two mugs in the morning, because the French Press holds two mugs of coffee. That’s not enough today.
Not even close to enough.

Turns out I feel like I’m wasting time that I could be pouring into the new WIP. Not quite sure why I’m dragging my feet and wasting time. It’s pretty annoying. I think I better get my shit together and get stuck in.

School holidays start at the end of the week. Easter and the autumn school holidays. We’re not doing anything Eastery. No one much likes Easter eggs. I like the bunnies, couldn’t tell ya why, but I do.
Nice to know I don’t need to buy Easter eggs anymore. Hooray. They’re always overpriced anyway.
Might grab some more Hot Cross Buns though. I have a weakness for them but they need to be the New World bakery ones. The others don’t compare.
No plans for the holidays either. Wish I did but I don’t.

It’s a bit rainy today. Glad the back lawn was done yesterday afternoon.
Booked my fifth COVID jab so that it’s done a couple of weeks before my wrist surgery. Yay.

I better actually get stuck into this WIP today. It’s not like I’ve done nothing but I haven’t done enough. So far it’s quite a fun story. Didn’t realise it was starting out with Crockett again. Definitely going to change that. It’s the Veronica Tracey series, not the Dave Crocker series. 🙂 🙂 Crockett needs to get back in his box.
Meanwhile, if you haven’t started this series, you really should. It’s a lot of fun. (Not just me saying that.)

Jimmy the Thug thinks you should read this series too.
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3 thoughts on “There’s not enough coffee …

  1. No, it’s not just you saying that. It’s a great series. But, yeah, it’s Ronnie’s. What is it with blokes who manspread into the first chapter? 😉 Anyway, I wish you well getting back into the story.

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