Old words part 5:

It’s Just me: raw words Page 5

“Give me your opinion of the photo from today.”

“It’s Mac. I will run it through a new facial recognition program we have to be sure.”

“Do it.”

“That was today?”


“And you’re alone?”


Apart from the ghost.

“Thought you had security these days.”

“We do, but not here. No one but Rowan and I know where this place is.”

“You heard of public records?”

“You know you can have your name withheld.”

“Did you?”


Lee laughed. “You did something though, right?”

“Yeah we did. Technically this place belongs to a trust run by our lawyers.”

“Your names appear anywhere?”

“Sure, on the filed power of attorney papers when we appointed our lawyer to buy and sell for us.” I knew where Lee was going with that. “We’re not his only clients.”

“Someone would have to know where to look, the state, county, town. That’s pretty clever, Ellie.”

“Almost like I’m an FBI agent,” I quipped.

“Almost,” he snapped back. “And yet you opted for no security knowing someone breached security in Germany.”

“What can I say…a little bit of danger keeps the blood flowing.”

“As long as it stays within your circulatory system.”

“Let me know what you get from the facial recognition software.”

“Take care chicky babe.”

“Bye Lee.”

I hung up and opted to leave the sat-phone in my bedside drawers with my cell phone. No need to carry them around. I had a landline. The TV beckoned me, as the crowd cheered Rowan rocked into the second set of the night. I’d missed four songs. 

I dropped onto the leather couch, pulled my feet up under me and watched. A nice glass of Pinot Noir could only enhance the experience.

The cellar.

I doubted if settling was going to happen as I rose again from the comfort of the couch. Down two flights of dimly lit stairs from the main living floor was the wine cellar. 

I opened the door. A light flickered on then steadied. 

Racks of wine lined the walls of the temperature controlled twelve by fourteen foot room. More racks stood in rows in the center. 

I passed Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and stopped at the Pinot Noir. I selected a 2001 Cape Campbell. We had more red stock than white, due to both Rowan and I being rather fond of reds.

The room was slightly warm, reds enjoyed the warmth.

I closed the door and carried my bottle upstairs. I picked up a glass from the kitchen on my way through the room. On the coffee table in the living room were two glasses.


I looked at the glass in my hand, then set it by the other two. There were no glasses there when I’d gone to the cellar. The bottle bumped as I set it down. My eyes roamed the room. I could see clearly around the living room, dining room and kitchen there was no one there. I peered out a glass panel in the living room, no one in the hall either. Doors were locked.

Where was the person who brought the glasses through?


One thought on “Old words part 5:

  1. Ooh, more and more mysteriouser, Cat! At any rate, that was a good selection of wine – an excellent choice! And now, seriously, I want to know whether someone is doing some gaslighting, or there’s really something going on!

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