I am officially on holiday for the rest of June. And it is glorious. The weather is a bit shite but it’s winter so that’s expected. My Knight arrived yesterday, after 18 months of being apart (thanks to COVID) we are finally in the same country and house! We have a bit of catching up to do. 🙂

This week, [Lure the lie] launches. The 12th is the actual launch day. Are you ready? I am so ready for this book to hit the world. Of course some of you figured out there is a pre-sale and have jumped in ahead of the rest. Well done!
Let me know what you think of Crockett and Ronnie.
I rather like them, I feel like Crockett is just warming up though.
I do have a favourite character but I’m interested to hear who your favourite is. (FYI mine is neither Ronnie nor Crockett.)

Later this month My Knight and I are heading south. First to Mahau Sound (the most beautiful place on earth) then to Christchurch. For now, we are home. And enjoying being together.

Tonight we have friends coming for dinner. That will definitely be a fun time.

As for the blog title … it’s tequila, what else?

There are a bunch of things happening for the launch of the Scream app this month. I’m hoping to be able to do a few of them but that depends on where we are for the launch days. Probably Mahau (the land of shitty internet and amazing views).

Meanwhile, go check the Scream app out. I know, most of my followers and friends are not ‘app’ aged but you might (it’s possible) have teens and up who are. Anything that encourages that group to read is fabulous is my mind. 🙂

Have a happy June!


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