The dawning of birthday month …

That’s right, Dec 1st, brings us to BIRTHDAY MONTH. It’s an actual thing in our family.
Dec 3 – The Prodigal Son enters his last year in his 30’s.
Dec 5 – Doris turns 16.
Dec 7 – Superman is a number we’re not allowed to say but he was 70 when Doris was born, so you do the math. But don’t tell him I said anything. He’s been 49 and three-quarters for quite some years now. And to be fair, he’s in pretty good nick.
Dec 12 – I shall be an age and playing up holy hell with my bestie. (40/45 for-fucking-ever, I don’t care how old The Prodigal Son gets!)
Dec 15 – Xanthy will be 7.
Dec 17 – Lily will be 5? That doesn’t seem possible!
Dec 22 – My Knight’s mum is turning a similar age (+1) to Superman.
Dec 28 – My Knight will be the same age as me. 🙂
Of course, NCEA exams interfere with Doris being able to enjoy her birthday. Her sweet 16 will be AFTER exams, we’ll make it fun.
I fondly recall mine (sweet 16 not exams – I hated exams), my father threatened to do away with the beer if he saw another crate come up the driveway. So, the boys lifted them over the fence, out of sight behind the trees. We found a baby possum and I got to cuddle it for an hour or so before the mother possum got really pissed off and we returned it. Think dad had something to say about that too. I know we played The Rolling Stones most of the night, and that’s about the extent of my memory.
In two days, Superman will be here. And pre-Christmas, pre-birthday shenanigans will be a thing. Gary is ready for stuffing. Got the power shout organised so I can whack Gary in the oven when I get home tomorrow. The cake is made and iced. I’ll make the trifles tomorrow. Dec 2nd will be cold turkey, salad, plenty of desserts, and cake – with the whanau.
So, December, always a fun time here!
Busy month. Fun, though, for the most part. Bit annoying too, as My Knight and I will be spending our birthday month in different countries again because the world went to hell in a handbasket. Come on, COVID, off you fuck. We’ve pandered to you long enough, time for you to leave.

What else is happening?
Well, I’m writing [Leave a message] and annoyed with myself because it’s not happening fast enough. Only so many uninterrupted hours in the day and whatnot.
Teaching the last lesson in Crime Writing this coming Saturday.
I will miss my class and their wonderful questions but I will not miss the train at 7:30am on a Saturday morning or Wellington at midday with all the lunacy that comes with a city like ours. I think it’s the wind that causes it!
Bonus this week, I don’t have to carry a heavy inch-thick partially-bound A4 bunch of notes. I created an ePub so now the entire 6 weeks of notes live on my phone. Yes, it’s taken me a year to do that, but the important thing is, I worked it out and I’ve got it done. And the TFFC tear in my right wrist is already joyful at the thought of NOT holding onto the unwieldy notes.
I’ve got some gems to impart to the class on their last day with me. Some tips from friends of mine to share. Writers are generally quite nice, helpful, kind people.
Might also have a wee gift for them as well. (Mostly I’m a nice person.)
Next year the gift might be a bit fancier (but only because I don’t think the fancy things will arrive by Friday).
Bugger, because they really are fancy! 🙂

Cheers 🙂


4 thoughts on “The dawning of birthday month …

  1. Grandson, Jack is almost a teen (got da attitude), turned 12 today Dec. 1st.
    Didn’t stop us gettin da crissy cake done though including iced. Yeah

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