Bona fides not established

There’s a bit of a flurry of writing happening at the moment. Mostly because I need this book finished in 8 weeks.
Yesterday I went back over the 22 chapters so far and wrote backwards outlines. I was convinced I had no idea what was happening and who was doing what so it was time for the backwards outline.
What that showed me was surprising but it shouldn’t be.
I do know what I’m doing and where this story is going. All I have to do (like always) is trust my brain.
Sometimes the process is so fast and busy and full of threads that I think I’m lost.
I am not lost. I do not get lost. I’ve been doing this for a long time.
You’d think I’d know to trust my process by now.
That’s the thing with writers, we’re pretty quick to think we’ve screwed up and have lost the plot and the characters suck … we’re slow to accept we know what we’re doing.

This book differs from the first three Ronnie Tracey books in that Donald has his own chapters along with Ronnie and Crockett. Donald doesn’t have a huge amount of the story but it does involve Nana and plenty of trouble. Up until now, we’ve only seen Donald from Ronnie or Crockett’s perspective so letting him use his own voice is quite entertaining.

The story is picking up pace again in my mind now that I’ve been back over it and bullet-pointed my chapters. It’s taken me ages to write this post because I have [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] open and I keep ducking back into the story to write.
And I just realised something really important to the story, so, I guess this is the end of the blog post. I’ve got writing to do.

Stay frosty.
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