Just Older

Yes, that is a Bon Jovi song. I’ll probably put it at the end so you can listen. 🙂
Today is my best friend’s birthday. We’ve known each other longer than 40/45 years … we have the sweatshirts it’s a real thing. Just go with it.
She is (and always has been) the sister I always wanted. Some of my kids take after her more than they do me and we find that hilarious. Nature vs nurture in action.
Bloody Grammarly was trying to remove all the meaning I attributed the above sentence with its crazy American ideas. Honestly, it’s very close to being turned off!

Anywho, yesterday Writers Plot Bookshop turned 7.
Seven years of being there for kiwi authors and aspiring authors.
Seven years of fighting to make sales and make the business viable, while existing on goodwill and grants.
Maybe seven is enough? It feels like that at the moment. I’m sure it will pass and I’ll find my enthusiasm again, but this weekend it feels like I’ve done enough and it’s time to move on (and get paid).
I don’t know. I’m tired. My wrist is stuffed. My foot doesn’t much appreciate all the walking I do and is starting to drive me nuts. Pushing shit uphill trying to get people to embrace kiwi authors, is hard work. Trying to get people in the door, trying to get recognition for kiwi indie authors and small independent presses. Feeling like I’m getting nowhere but knowing I probably can’t walk away, not now. I’m not a quitter (unless it’s smoking, I quit that nearly 19 years ago).
Buy our books for fucks sake!!

The last week was a good writing week, finally. I’m just over halfway in this book now. I think. It looks like it’ll come in just under 80K for the ‘first draft’. By the time I add some scenery and whatnot, it’ll be quite respectable at just over 90K.
I’ve learned I need to give this story space. For whatever reason, it requires space. When I do that it rewards me with the story and images, all I have to do is find the words. 🙂
I think I can finish it in 9 weeks. I hope I can, anyway. I want it done. It’s kind of hanging over me and to be honest there is so much hanging over me right now, I don’t need this as well.

I’m dropping my post over at “buy me a coffee” link here, trust me coffee is appreciated more than you know.

And here’s the song from Crush that I used as today’s blog title.


3 thoughts on “Just Older

  1. Happy store birthday! Indie stores like yours are so important! Where I live, it’s very hard to find an indie store that has a real variety of books. Especially one that welcomes writers who want to meet readers. Trust me…

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