If I Was Your Mother

Oh, hang on, I am enough people’s mother, I can’t be yours as well. You’re on your own.
Anywho, the title is a Bon Jovi song from quite some time ago. (Keep the Faith, if you were wondering what album.)

I’ve been writing on and off (between other things) all weekend. (All weekend means yesterday and today, yes I am aware it’s Monday.) I think [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] is almost 65K now. (Fuck off Grammarly I mean 65K now, not 65 know. Stay in your lane.)

Quite a few things/people need to stay in their fucking lanes at the moment.

Here’s a handy wee tip:
If your opinion is not based on fact and you have no idea what our day-to-day life is like; then your opinion is bullshit. I currently do not have a rose garden and am not in need of manure.

I am going to be sharing some info and whatnot soon about the upcoming People’s Choice Award portion of the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards, voting starts tomorrow. I will do my best to do something about it tomorrow but at the moment life is chaotic and twirly and not in a good way, so if it happens then, yay. If not, thems the breaks.

Also this:
My kid is more important than ANYTHING. So, if things don’t magically fall into the required schedule for the day, stuff won’t get done and everyone will just have to deal with it.
I am one person.
I cannot be everywhere.
I cannot do everything.
That may seem quite odd to some of you, but, it’s true. (I am not Wonder Woman – she died 9 years ago.)
This is not a short-term situation. This is the next foreseeable future and beyond. (We are looking at months, not days/weeks.)
I have no patience for stupidity or selfishness.
The next few weeks are going to be difficult while the new routine is established hopefully once that’s set it’ll be a bit easier but there are no guarantees. We have a new normal and we are all getting used to it.
CFS/ME is a bastard of a thing to deal with for a teenager.

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