Gotta Have A Reason

Thanks to Bon Jovi for the blog title. (I’ll pop the song down the end for you.)

Today is the 14th of March.
Release day for “Written In Leaves
I honestly didn’t see this day coming because I didn’t think I’d finish that novella.
But I did. (I won’t be beaten by a story.)
And now you can join the select few who have already read this story and had some pretty good things to say.
It’s not my usual genre but there is a bit of mystery in it. I think there is more to it than I see. It’s hard to see all the nuances when you’re in midst of it all.
I did think I’d try and read it like it wasn’t mine. 🙂
And I will. That’ll probably work better when I have the paperback in my hot little hand. Probably next week.

So anyway, HAPPY LAUNCH DAY to me.

Someone really wants this book to do well. That someone is the teen aka Doris. She was the one who pushed me to write it and the one who named the Pieces of Eight authors in the story. What’s Pieces of Eight? Well, crikey, you’ll have to read the story and then you’ll know.

Do me a favour, if you like it let Doris know. Then she can happily say I told you so to me. And she will enjoy that. She really will.
1. You can Tweet me and start the Tweet with “Doris”.
2. You can comment on this post.
3. Or you can leave a review (wherever you purchased the story) and pop Doris in it so I can show her.
So something like “Hey, Doris, you were right …” or “Wow, Doris, this was a really good idea …” 🙂 🙂 You get the idea.

Now, I’m sure you all know the story with reviews.
They make an author’s world go around. They actually do. They increase visibility and sell books and then people like me can afford to eat and pay bills and write more stories for you to escape into. (See how that works? :))


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