Merry Whatever and Whatnot

The Smashwords storewide end of year sale started today. So, Merry whatever and whatnot from us … it’s the perfect opportunity to fill those new eReaders with some amaze-balls books and best of all, they’re heavily reduced.
Want links?
One moment caller …
Let’s start with the three Byte Boxed Sets: Three books PLUS a (rather long) short story that follows from the last book in the 3 book set – what happened next kinda thing. Fun, yes? Here’s a link to the Boxed Sets: BYTE BOXED SETS 1-3.
Now on with the show … Here’s a link that brings the entire series – 11 novels and the novella that comes between Soundbyte and Databyte – Entire Series INDIVIDUAL BOOKS.
We have one more set to share this morning. This is the in between Byte shorts and whatnot. Stories that aren’t in the Boxed Sets and that belong around various Byte novels. For example ‘Undivided’ is set after Metabyte but before Qubyte. ‘Dead Flowers’ is a story from Sam Jackson’s POV and comes after Eraserbyte but before Metabyte. ‘If I were a Carpenter’ is a story from Kurt Henderson’s POV and fits into the series between Soundbyte and Psychobyte. So here’s that link – IN BETWEEN BYTES
Ta-da – that should keep you all in reading material for a wee while.

In other news: Christmas was quiet (as requested by number 6). I very much miss My Knight who is in Perth for Christmas for the first time in a long time. So that sucks. Big time for both of us.
I managed a couple of pages of writing last night, so, yay! Didn’t expect it to be a Russian conversation but these things happen. 🙂


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