I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday

Bonus points if you recognize the song title and know which album it comes from.

I am not sleeping at all well at the moment. Figure it’s a whole bunch of things including My Knight having fairly major surgery next week and due to asshats who can’t do simple things like – not spread COVID and follow simple instructions. I can’t be with him for this op. Compounded by asshats who can’t do simple things making it harder to remain positive about him being able to come home mid-Sept. Basically Australia has let the side down and fucked us over. I am tired. Really tired. Particularly tired of idiots. So, stop being so fucking selfish and start behaving like you’re human.

Other things: well, you know I’m not writing until after the Vaporbyte launch, so, my focus (when I’m not too tired to think) is on the launch on Sept 25th.
Currently waiting for print proofs from Image Concepts in Auckland.
Have prizes sorted. Found a quiz that I wrote many moons ago but which I think will be fun for the night.
THA came up with the cake idea yesterday. Implementing it might be tricky so we’ll have a trial run I think. She had to come up with something to top last years Snow Globe cake, not easy to top that! But, if we can pull this off, we just might. She said I’ve already done “book” cakes so we can’t go there again. Fair enough. Meanwhile, I need to locate all the sketches I have/had of Delta A and then turn them into back views … and I bet you still won’t be able to work out what we’re doing. 🙂

Not long now.


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