Fire and Ice

Howdy, how is everyone?
This is my caring face, sorry if you thought it wasn’t. 🙂

So, some changes … we got some shit happening guys.
First up: The physical launch for Vaporbyte is postponed indefinitely and replaced with … are you ready? A VIRTUAL launch party.
I think this will be fun.
Of course I think that, because I get to wear whatever and drink tequila while talking to y’all about VAPORBYTE. We still have prizes and a quiz and stuff, you just can’t share the cake because, well, it’s virtual.
We haven’t done a virtual launch before so that’s exciting and the great thing is, everyone can come … from the safety of their homes. YAY. 🙂 I’m very much looking forward to seeing y’all.

Here’s the Event link: Vaporbyte Awesomeness
Shenanigans kick off at 6PM on Sept 10th.
7AM Sept 10th for the UK
11PM Sept 9th in CA
Midnight Sept 10th CO
1AM Sept 10th in TN
2AM Sept 10th in VA
2PM Sept 10th in Perth
4PM Sept 10th in Sydney

Other stuff?
Well, I’ve just finished proofreading Vaporbyte red (print version) and am about to start on purple.
We don’t know when they’ll be printed yet, due to Auckland being in lockdown but as soon as they are you’ll be the first to know.

EDITED to add: Other other stuff:
Vaporbyte ePub and Kindle versions now contain both endings. Apparently I’m a tad a head of technology with my two books idea … so compromise is pretty much a ‘pick a path’ … at chapter thirty-six you get to decide whether you read on or jump.
Also, ALL the Byte Novels are back on Smashwords and available on iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. So the original universal links are back up and running.
That includes the boxed sets.
AND … for those of you who read Mobi (kindle) and don’t want to buy from Amazon (I know there are a few of you out there), you can now purchase mobi (kindle) versions of the entire series via Smashwords.
You’re welcome.
You can pre-order via this link: Pre-Order Vaporbyte
Meanwhile: Cheers!


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