Everything is furry.

It is. The whole house is furry. Not a piece of un-furry anything to be found. And it’s marvellous. 🙂
The reason everything is furry is a big guy called Diesel.
He’s a very good boy.
He’s also settling in well.
That’s pretty much it for news.

I’ve done a bit of writing lately. Trying to get the third Ronnie Tracey book moving forward. Progress is being made. That pleases me.
Kinda hard to keep the momentum going at the moment. Not surprising really, there are distractions. The big one with four-legs is very hard to ignore. As he should be.

I haven’t done anything on the other two projects for at least a week now. I think I need to come up with a writing plan. I always used to have one. (Not an outline, that’s ridiculous!) A schedule. Each project needs dedicated time and I’m very slack at the moment.
I’m teaching at the end of next month so I also would like to schedule some revision time and tweak a few pages of notes. Mostly because having delivered this course once already, I know which parts I need to improve/tweak/change now. Wouldn’t you know it, but I thought of something a couple of nights ago regarding the Crime Writing Course and promptly forgot until now. Now I know I thought of something but am yet to recall what!

Anywho, I’ll probably remember later (when it’s super annoying).

How’s your weekend going?
Ours is good. Been out and about for a big walk this morning with Diesel.
Grandson 3 stayed last night, which was nice. I think he enjoyed his pancake breakfast.
Potentially cooking a roast chicken for dinner. If the bird defrosts in time. Fingers crossed.
My Knight is off at a car club thing today with the West Coast Vanners (I think that’s what they’re called). We are still in different countries and it’s not looking good for him to get back for birthdays and Christmas. Doesn’t impress either of us much, as you can imagine.

That’s pretty much it from me.
I’m currently reading The Broker by John Grisham. Very much enjoying it.


4 thoughts on “Everything is furry.

    • I used to have labs a long time ago. My big dog died nearly 16 yers ago but his fur moved house with us! 🙂 Our last dog was a greyhound, way less fur. This guy is making his presence felt. 🙂 🙂

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