Take a minute …

A post popped up on Facebook and when I looked at it I thought about how things have changed over the years. Killerbyte launched (it’ll be KB’s birthday soon) in 2009.
By 2009 I’d had numerous short stories published in a variety of ezines, journals, and magazines. So many of my stories were accepted for publication that I screwed the stats on Duotrope and they thought I was making it up! I was not.
Most of you know that Killerbyte is not my first novel. I am a firm believer in cutting your author teeth on a couple of novels BEFORE writing the one that will start your journey and also writing short stories and getting those out in the world while you are figuring out the whole novel thing. We all start somewhere and it’s rare for the first of anything to be any good. šŸ™‚ My early works sit on a flash drive and that is where they belong and will stay.
What prompted this post was an image from 2011 of my bookshelf with my own work on it back when Rebel ePublishers was a South African company. Three paperbacks. šŸ™‚ The next photo I saw was from 2018. That’s the year Qubyte launched but the photo was prior to that. So, I looked at my shelf and took a photo of it today, March 22nd 2022.
There is a new book set to launch on June 1st. I’m going to have to create space. That pleases me. I had no idea back in 2009 or even 2011 just how many stories I would tell or how many words I’d write. So, here I am taking a minute to enjoy this. Plenty of people want to write a book, plenty of people say that they’ll write a book one day and they don’t.
I never said I’d write a book. I wrote a book, then another, then another and so on. The 2022 shelf has original copies of some titles as well as the re-released versions. I guess I’ll find a new place for the originals to live. šŸ™‚ EDITED because I forgot about Raidbyte, it was in a different bookcase!


2 thoughts on “Take a minute …

    • I think there are times when we need to pause and appreciate our own hard work! It’s especially true in this industry where it’s easy feel like we’re tredding water and not getting anywhere.

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