Right first time.

Every time I go to write ‘Good morning’ my brain says “Good morning mothertruckers.”
It is a battle to type a simple good morning.
Oddly, a few years back it was always ‘Good morning Vietnam’ that my brain liked to chuck out there.
Anywho, how is everyone?
Do you know what I completely missed due to sheer stupidity on my part?
Margot’s launch. I don’t know how many reminders a person needs, but clearly, more than I set! I absolutely love Margot’s latest: Streets of Gold I was very lucky to be able to read this story well before it was published. Margot had told me about this story a while ago and I was excited to see how it came together. And by crikey, it certainly came together well. 🙂
Pop through the link and snag yourself a kindle copy. You won’t be disappointed. (I just went to do just that but apparently, I don’t know my password … breathes … breathes some more … it’s all lies. Amazon is going to do my head in one day!!
Anywho, off you pop and get Streets of Gold by Margot Kinberg

As for me, I’m trying to put next week’s Author Focus together. I wanted the posts all scheduled by Thursday but no. Still waiting for an image from the author. I’m not spending my weekend waiting around so I can load posts. I have a lot I want to accomplish this weekend while being purely decorative to rest my wrist.
Thankfully, standing and typing pose no problem whatsoever and that’s important because I’ve got a story that begs to be told. Had I not replaced my MacBook then I wouldn’t be writing at all. So, yay for being able to do that and having a working trackpad and a MacBook that doesn’t have a random shutdown fault! The new one is also lighter, so lovely. 🙂

It’s getting cooler here. Feels a lot like autumn. Almost time for winter sheets on the bed, or at least an extra blanket. That’s a today job.
It is a stunning blue sky day.
I had a lovely text from my wonderful editor last week saying she’s hoping to get [Leave a message] back to me on Monday. Exciting! I’m very much looking forward to that.
I’ll be getting the ISBN shortly. That’s the easiest part of writing. The NZ government provides our ISBN’s free of charge. Nice being a Kiwi.

Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent with my 7 yr old granddaughter and 5mth old granddaughter, as usual. 🙂
X asked to look in my jewellery box. She asked questions and comments. I told her the origins of various pieces. In the end, she said, “It’s a box of stories.”
Yes, it is.
She very much enjoyed hearing the stories. I remember when I used to go through mum’s jewellery as a child, trying rings on (that fell off my fingers). She’d tell me about the different pieces and when/where she got them. The difference now is that the jewellery I have is from four generations, so much history.
Wait until X discovers my charm bracelets! I have 3. 1 was given to me for my 15th birthday – that one is very heavy and jangly and full of stories. 1 contains charms from the US and the other has a charm representing each of my kids.

That’s probably enough for today. Someone has a story to write. Oh, that’s me!
Be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Right first time.

  1. Thanks very much for the kind words and the mention, Cat! The story wouldn’t have come together without you! I’m glad you’ve found a computer and standing desk that let you work without pain. It’s painful enough to write a story, I think… Glad you had some time with your family, and that picture of Diesel is fabulous. I’ve not met him and I love him already. Now, stop reading this and go work on your story! I want to know what happens to Ronnie this time.

  2. Hey Cat, I started collecting “stories” about 18 months ago, but being a minimalist, it’s all a bit foreign to me! Collecting and keeping the occasional trinket and knick-knack from a journey is often interesting and rewarding – I find it’s fun every now and then to look again and say “Oh I remember when” 🙂 I can only imagine how rewarding stories going back mean for you, and your grandkids! Take care.

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