Buy me a coffee? Or tequila, whatever. :)

After thinking about this for the longest time and having a few writer pals who do this, I thought, why the fuck not?
I seriously have nothing to lose and could potentially get a cup of coffee. šŸ™‚ In case you are wondering you can now buy me a coffee – just click the link to the landing page. How fun is that?

Had exciting news – looks like the not-neighbours will be leaving on April 21st. You can bet it won’t be a quiet affair. And the next 21 days are going to test us all.
Meanwhile, I’m gathering words like a crazy person because ALL their nonsense is going into my new book. ALL OF IT. Because the only way we’ve survived is because I’ve translated it all into a soap opera worthy of Days of Our Lives, but slightly funnier, because I’m pretty sure Days was never supposed to be funny.
Trust me, to Kiwis, it was hilarious and led my bestest friend and me to form a pact when were young. If one of us gets trapped in an avalanche then the other one MUST dig, not weep over a shovel for four weeks. DIG.
Anywho, I’ve digressed, probably for the best.
Now it’s time to jump into bed and watch Bold & Beautiful with My Knight. No, he’s not here yet. We watch via FaceTime. That is how we roll. I bitch about what bitch Steffie is and we both agree that Brooke is always going to be the slut from the valley. It’s grand. Still can’t work out what everyone sees in Ridge.
Stay safe out there. šŸ™‚


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