I might’ve been a tad quiet this last week. It wasn’t on purpose but things are happening and life is getting busy. As it does. 🙂
Let’s recap …
1. 37 sleeps until My Knight walks through the door!! You have no idea how much we are looking forward to being under the same roof. We’ve almost been apart a year this time, much better than the 18mths last time!
2. Another round of edits back and completed for [Leave a message].
3. Violet is growing like the delightful flower she is.
4. [Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo] is coming along nicely. I still haven’t changed its name. Getting a lot of enjoyment from threading the not-neighbours and their sad soap opera through the story.
5. Diesel is using his big smart brain more and more. It’s fun watching him solve problems.
6. I have the buy me a coffee thing. So far no one has but it’s early days. 🙂 🙂
7. I set up the universal links for [Leave a message], it’s available for pre-order. This will be the quietest launch yet, I think. Not even sure I’ll be in Upper Hutt when it launches. Probably won’t even be cake!
8. The Author in Focus weeks are in full swing. I’m quite surprised that most authors don’t seem to have book trailers on YouTube. There are a lot of authors that don’t have loglines, tag lines, Tweet length bios, or any idea what hashtags they use regularly. Makes it harder to come up with posts!
Seriously stunned at coming across a page long bio written in the first person, and it said nothing about the author beyond that she wanted everyone to buy her book. That’d be a hard pass from me. As for authors using thumbnails in documents instead of sending me decent cover images … don’t even start. 🙂
9. Not-Neighbours are acting oddly at the moment. It’s been a very quiet three days after two days of thumping and bashing about inside the house. To be honest I thought perhaps one of them had snapped completely and killed them all. I did see someone there today.
Looks like they might half-arsed be getting ready to leave. The scheduled leaving day is April 21.

I think that’ll do. 🙂
Clearly, stuff is happening and I’m getting stuff done.

Today I’m listening to a Spotify playlist so I’ll add it below:


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