All Summer Long.

Bit of a country music afternoon happening here.
Seems perfect for a sunny Easter Sunday. Summer is almost properly over. The smoke tree is slowly turning red.
I’ve mucked about with print and ePub formatting and fiddled with a few sentences in [Leave a message].
I have pages of handwritten scenes to type into the new WIP [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] – I know, right? Finally gave it a name that works for me. Haven’t quite got to typing those scenes up yet. Not sure why. I’ll get there.
Kinda feel like opening a beer. I don’t think I will though or will I? I did earn a thirst! Mowing the lawns is no small task at ours. πŸ™‚
Dinner is prepped and ready to go. The washing is all done and folded ready to put away, or in the girl’s case – to add to the ever-growing piles in one of their rooms and become a clean carpet of clothing in the other bedroom. Apparently putting anything away is impossible.
Guess that’s why bedrooms have doors – so I don’t have to see it!
Getting closer to opening that beer.
29 sleeps until My Knight is home. Very much looking forward to seeing him. And no one will be seeing much of me once he arrives. πŸ™‚
I need a break and I intend to have one. We’ll be heading south at some stage to catch up with the fam bam.
I should get on with this story. That’s the worst thing about stories – they don’t write themselves. Some days I wish they did.
Hope you’ve all had a restful Easter. I’m gonna have that beer.


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