She put the boy back in cowboy.

I’m not sure I can play music any louder today. Apparently, the album I’ve decided I need to hear right now is “Lost Highway” by Bon Jovi.
And yes, I do know the words to every song. No doubt the neighbors are unimpressed.
This week, I need this so there ya go.

Music is like a blanket of memories. I’ve spent 15 years surrounded by (predominately) Bon Jovi while I wrote the Byte Series. This particular album was on repeat while I wrote Exacerbyte, Flashbyte, and Soundbyte. I played a lot of music, as you can tell by my chapter titles over all 12 books, but this album is my goto when I need to really focus. When I need to bring all my characters back and to see them stand before me.
They are old friends. Dependable. Trustworthy. Always there.

Right now, I need to channel some good energy and find my way through the Live Launch on Thursday evening.

I’m used to book launches being physical things. Having my family and friends there with me, along with fans and strangers.
The more the merrier. I enjoy the interactions, the celebration, sharing the story, and cake. The whole thing. Even like public speaking, I’ve gotten used to it and actually enjoy it.
They’re events and they’re supposed to be. It’s not a little thing to write a novel. It’s definitely not a little thing to complete a 12 book (plus 3 novellas, and numerous short stories) series.
It’s something that needs celebrating.
Endings and beginnings.

This time, for this last book, it was supposed to be magical – go out with a bang :). And 2020 happened and we all had to adjust our expectations.
Most of my family won’t be here. My eldest daughter and two youngest daughters will be.
My Knight, the love of my life, won’t be here.
My Admins won’t be here. I will have one friend with me.
Instead of the launch at the Library with books, cake, refreshments, people … it’ll be in my living room. I won’t be able to see anyone’s faces or hear their reactions.
I don’t know if it will feel like a launch? Or if it will feel like a celebration of the completion on a large body of work.
It’s a new thing. Not good or bad, just new.
And I don’t know how it will go. I have zero idea.

I could be talking to myself or to 200 plus people. I suspect I’ll be talking to myself, because this year sucks like a rotten kumara, and my expectations have reset to zero.
If you do tune in, please say hi in the comments and know that questions are welcome. 🙂 We can make this fun even if you can’t share my cake!

Thursday 6PM. Check my Facebook Page (there is a link in the sidebar to FB), and mark yourself “going” in the pinned post on the page.


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