And a spider crawls across the ceiling.

Had a magnificent first night away.
The Bluebridge crossing was super calm, we watched James Bond in the theatre – No Time To Die. Very much enjoyed it, but, I’ve always been a Bond fan. Had a lot of Ian Fleming novels when I was a young teen.
I’m sure that’s no surprise to any of you.

About the blog title … a fat black spider is crawling across the ceiling. We’ve never seen one like it before. It appears to want to follow me. I have vacated the bed and am in the kitchen … and it’s still coming. Neither of us want to squish it on the ceiling because it’ll leave a big mark and that’s not nice when you’re staying in a motel (especially one owned by friends). And now we’ve lost track of the hairy fat bastard!
There is a certain amount of terror involved on my part. I’m not a fan of spiders who don’t listen and just keep on coming! I can’t go into the bedroom now because it’s probably above the door and all my stuff is in there … guess I’m wearing my jammies and dressing gown forever now.
My Knight just asked for a jar or something, he’s located the offender. He has released him into the wild or a planter, same same.
I am safe again.

[Leave a message] releases in three days. I’m quite excited but not sure why – we’re not doing anything to celebrate this release or indeed the new milestone but we will be in Christchurch by then so no doubt there will be a bit of toasting. 🙂
I’ve written a few novels and it’s something worth toasting.
When I’m teaching I tell my students to celebrate every milestone, but often I forget to do that myself. I tend to celebrate writing ‘The End’ and then celebrate the launch. There’s an awful lot that goes on from the first word written in a novel to holding that book. 🙂 I should definitely remember that.

Today we are travelling again but this time going into Mahau Sound. That’ll be an adventure on the storm-damaged roads.

Some pics:


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