Launch Day!

[Leave a Message] launches today.
Amid a fanfare of absolutely bloody nothing.
I’m not even at home so it’s the quietest launch day ever.
Anywho, today is June 1st and [Leave a message] joins its older sisters on the shelf at Writers Plot Bookshop.
It’s not live as a digital version yet because the rest of the world is living in the past. 🙂
It’ll be live tomorrow for those who want digital versions. I do wish the other side of the world would take time zones into account and act accordingly. It’s the 1st of June now.
When it comes to paperbacks via Writers Plot Bookshop – there is a VERY limited number available today. First come first served. Once they’re gone there will be 2 weeks before more arrive because I am away.
Nothing to stop anyone from ordering from Amazon though. Paperbacks and hardbacks are live on Amazon now, it’s just the digital copies that are slow releasing.

That’s it from me today.
Happy freaking launch day to me.


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