How’s your weekend?

I’m currently listening to a 70’s playlist on Spotify and drinking a Corona – with lemon because I’m out of limes.
I’ve worked out what we’re having for dinner. I fancied fish pie but Doris doesn’t like it. Gosh, there’s a surprise! 🙂 So we’re having stuffed potatoes.
Think about this … I stuff potatoes with tuna and top them with cheese. I put to you, good people, those stuffed potatoes are really an upside-down simplified fish pie.
She loves them.
It’s no wonder I drink.

Anywho, been a mixed bag of a weekend.
A highly stressful visit to Michael Hill jewellers in Lower Hutt yesterday was not fun. Having a sales assistant (using the term very loosely) try and snatch MY watch off me, is not something I want repeated. Being told my other watch isn’t there when I knew it was waiting for me to pick it up … again, something I do not want repeated. I’d advise everyone to steer clear of the Queensgate store if they need their watch batteries replaced. It’s not worth the aggravation despite the lifetime battery replacement on their watches. Appalling customer service – from the first nonsensical phone call to the protracted and ridiculously stressful visit to collect my watches.
I did inform their customer service department via the website. Their response felt less than adequate considering the rudeness and incompetence of the salesperson.

Didn’t really get any writing done this weekend. I did however create more graphics and get all the posts loaded for the Author in Focus this week at Writers Plot Bookshop. It’s CB Landy this week. I very much enjoyed CB’s first two cosy mysteries and am looking forward to the third! Might be a wee present to me this week. 🙂

Today I had a fantastic FaceTime call from my youngest son, his beautiful fiancée, and their gorgeous baby Aspyn. Aspyn is full of cheek and personality – just like her parents. It was a surprise call and a total delight. Once the call ended I rang Superman. I had to discuss an important matter with him and by crikey was he happy and excited. The upshot is Superman and I will be in Sydney for a few days in August. (We’ve travelled around NZ together but never overseas so this’ll be fun.) 🙂 Superman is now thinking about a suitable joint 1st birthday present for his great-granddaughter. So exciting! I know the Mothership would 100% approve if she were still with us.
I need to get the quilt out that I set aside for Aspyn and take it with me! It should fit her cot quite nicely.

I feel like I need to say something about Roe vs Wade. I don’t even know how to begin to wrap my head around that.
I’m thankful to be raising daughters in New Zealand where they are safe, have body autonomy and will never be forced to carry the child of a rapist or carry a child they are ill-prepared to raise.

On that note, I need another Corona and to listen to more of this playlist!

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